Little Girl’s “Pillars” of History First Birthday Party

Join us to celebrate little Irie’s first birthday! In the midst of Covid, Kristy put together an intimate gathering to celebrate her daughter’s special milestone. She created portraits of some of history’s most important women, to celebrate their inspiring work alongside Irie’s big day. Guests were gifted boxed invitations including a custom printed tea towel […]


Kristy’s Cutting Garden Watercolor Painting Party

What does Kristy (Momental’s owner and founder) get up to these days? All kinds of things, really! Check out this fun watercolor painting party photo shoot featuring her watercoloring books, “Kristy’s Cutting Garden.” These books are a set of four coordinating with the seasons, each one chock full of 25 different designs to paint. This […]


Medieval Dragon Birthday Party

Wait till you get a load of these custom designed, lift-the-flap storybook invites for a medieval dragon birthday party! Kristy illustrated the book from cover to cover, filled with all her son’s favorite things. What toddler wouldn’t want Middle Ages castles, knights in shining armor, and castles for their party theme? Truly unique medieval dragon […]


Throwback Lobster Boil

I’m a big believer in treating your team right. We work hard…really hard. Yes, we create invitations and have the chance to paint beautiful things everyday and talk to interesting people BUT we work incredibly hard. Long hours, sometimes tears and exhaustion all deserved to be recognized and rewarded. One particular season in Momental History, […]


Greenhouse Luncheon

A luncheon in a historic greenhouse?  Yes please!  The sun trickling in early that morning was hard to ignore.  Of course, though, it is difficult not to get good light in a greenhouse, but that cold December morning seemed like perfection.  Dew on the window panes with succulents and ferns at every turn, the room […]


Vow Renewal in Zion

Imagine finding a place filled with majesty, intensely star lit skies, sunshine most of the year and then imagine this place was yours to enjoy, celebrate in and share with family.  Kristy and her husband Adam have been pulled to the beauty of Zion National Park for many years, so this place…this epic place, was […]


Momental in the Woods

Imagine a group of 10 close friends, a warm, crackling fire, real wood paneling, a table set with sequined linens in shades of champagne, a feast of delicious-ness and of course hand painted stationery at every glance.  This particular Momental Party, one we lovingly called #momentalinthewoods, still lingers in our memories for all the right […]


Artsy Auction House Wedding

Jessica is one of our Momentals, Kristy’s creative assistant specifically and when her wedding date was set, the plans began flying into action.  Jess and Brad’s love story was a unique and wild one, and just the same their wedding needed to be.  Their Bohemian Wedding at an Auction House was all personality and more […]


40 Years

Kristy’s parents celebrated their 40th Wedding Anniversary so of course, what a perfect opportunity to craft a festive and artful celebration.  Her parents are long time lovers of Country Music, the real variety…think Hank Williams Jr., Waylon Jennings and Willie Nelson.  So Kristy gathered her creative friends to put together an evening filled with old […]


Botticelli’s Lunch

After an extended stay throughout Italy, I’d become quite obsessed with Botticelli’s Primavera masterpiece. Moody darkness mingled with intricate floral and creamy, ethereal tones seem a curious choice for a cold winter’s day luncheon. Drawing on contrasts and enliven the colonial cleanness of our space with organic textures and a subdued palette of rich hues. […]


Riverboat Artistic Wedding

My Best Friend’s Wedding was a like a dream-a wonderful realization of so many of our childhood daydreams.  Two friends, and yes a very involved groom brought this heartfelt day filled with meaning to life in just under a year.  I became the wedding stylist of sorts, and infused into the wedding what I know […]


Renewal in Pennsylvania

Celebrating, for Kristy, has become a way of life.  Simple dinners between friends are reason enough for special details and when it comes to milestone occasions, Kristy goes all the way.  On their 10th Wedding Anniversary, Kristy and her hubby Adam decided to craft two events; one, a ceremony in Zion National Park and two, […]