Throwback Lobster Boil

I’m a big believer in treating your team right. We work hard…really hard. Yes, we create invitations and have the chance to paint beautiful things everyday and talk to interesting people BUT we work incredibly hard. Long hours, sometimes tears and exhaustion all deserved to be recognized and rewarded. One particular season in Momental History, not too long ago, our team was challenged in ways we couldn’t have imagined and this Throwback Lobster Boil Party was my way of saying “thank you!”.

The invitation was a hand illustrated Momental Family Crest. These Modern Watercolor Crest Party (or Wedding) invites were a combination of saturated ink, painted double thick stock, deep letterpress impressions and of course some creamy, hand painted moments added to the crest. What are some of the icons in the crest, you ask? Take a closer look…

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