Kristy’s Cutting Garden Watercolor Painting Party

What does Kristy (Momental’s owner and founder) get up to these days?

All kinds of things, really! Check out this fun watercolor painting party photo shoot featuring her watercoloring books, “Kristy’s Cutting Garden.” These books are a set of four coordinating with the seasons, each one chock full of 25 different designs to paint.

This lighthearted shoot focused on an intimate painting party among friends.

Not sure what occasion calls for a painting party? Easy… no reason needed! Just gather some friends for a relaxing afternoon in each others’ company. Watercolor is a great way to slow down and enjoy the moment, something that we probably don’t do often enough. But if you do have a special birthday or shower coming up, why not try something new?

Step one: have fun eating, drinking, and watercoloring Kristy’s illustrations! Step two goes further… Kristy put together a cute “garden” of real blooms, embellished with painted cutouts of her illustrations! Leaves and flowers in every color are arranged in rows, like a classic field of tulips.

The flower garden is colorful and whimsical on it’s own, but it would also make an adorable background for a toddler’s photo shoot, if you need a reason to make one!

Need a few more creative party ideas? Check out Kristy’s son’s and daughter’s unique birthday celebrations and stationery. And if you’re craving more art and watercolor, check out Kristy’s personal brand of books, art supplies, and inspiration on