Renewal in Pennsylvania

Celebrating, for Kristy, has become a way of life.  Simple dinners between friends are reason enough for special details and when it comes to milestone occasions, Kristy goes all the way.  On their 10th Wedding Anniversary, Kristy and her hubby Adam decided to craft two events; one, a ceremony in Zion National Park and two, a larger party back in Pennsylvania for all those who could not make the trip to Utah.  The Renewal in Pennsylvania paid homage to Kristy’s love of all things vintage, the milk glass in her grandmother’s beloved green cabinet and the watercolor flowers that make her heart burst with passion.  Adam chose the live band, the menu and made sure everyone got to take a spin in the photobooth he constructed.

The stationery specifically, made sure all those who were welcome knew this was a Vintage Wedding Renewal meant to honor history and tradition but with the style and sass of a young couple still madly in love after 10 years.

Vintage Zane Grey novels became the invitation’s home, custom calligraphy and bright orange blooms adorned each before they were boxed up and mailed or hand delivered to each guest – a true keepsake.