Vow Renewal in Zion

Imagine finding a place filled with majesty, intensely star lit skies, sunshine most of the year and then imagine this place was yours to enjoy, celebrate in and share with family.  Kristy and her husband Adam have been pulled to the beauty of Zion National Park for many years, so this place…this epic place, was the only spot befitting their wish to celebrate a milestone in their marriage.  Enjoy and get inspired by this heartfelt 10 Year Vow Renewal in Zion.

The renewal stationery was something of Kristy’s dreams for quite some time, ever since she first set eye on Zion, nearly 6 years before.  Crisp blue skies, a color unlike anything she had seen and saturated red rock landscape inspired the more abstract collection of hand painted papers for this celebration.  Watercolors in rich hues mingled with shimmering ink brushstrokes, mimicking the rugged southwest skyline.

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