Greenhouse Luncheon

A luncheon in a historic greenhouse?  Yes please!  The sun trickling in early that morning was hard to ignore.  Of course, though, it is difficult not to get good light in a greenhouse, but that cold December morning seemed like perfection.  Dew on the window panes with succulents and ferns at every turn, the room came alive.  Every year Kristy celebrates with the team, offering up an amazing meal in a wow place, making each detail sing their praises for an incredible year of work well done.

Central to all Momental Parties is the hand painted stationery…of course!   The Greenhouse Luncheon began with a large scale invitation hand delivered to #themomentals.  Each was delicately and extensively hand painted with shimmer and opaque inks, along with sheer watercolor.  Kristy’s herb and floral pattern seemed befitting this organically inclined event.

The Vintage Greenhouse at Hillside Farms in Dallas, PA seemed magical, so a call to those preserving its beauty began it all and the rest, as they say, is history.