My Story is Art – Art at the Greenbrier

If you follow me on Instagram you’ll know I’ve been traveling…the world, quite literally these days.  This year has given an out pouring of imperfectly timed blessings.  From signing two book contracts, one of which I only had 5 weeks to complete and beginning the adoption process to traveling near and far for book #2 to being chosen by a dear Mama to parent her child, I certainly have my hands full of dear moments and full days.

{To get caught up on the book and baby news…read here, then here, here, here, here and finally here…}

In September we traveled to Yellowstone for the first shoot of the last leg of projects before I go into writing hibernation for the upcoming deadline.  Read more here about our days in Yellowstone.

Just after returning form Yellowstone, our editorial crew hopped back in the car and we we on the way to The Greenbrier in West Virginia…In my humble opinion, The Greenbrier is home to Dorothy Draper’s crowning design achievements.

{Ms. Draper took posh 50’s styling and turned it on its head – she experimented with scale and proportion when no one else would, she brought the indoors in, when no one else could…she encouraged the use of bold color not only in commercial properties but in the homes of American housewives…and out project there was designed only to celebrate all the strides in design this epic designer made in her lifetime.}



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