My Story is Art – An Artist’s Book III

If you follow me on Instagram, the news of my second book contract (#onebooktwobooks) won’t be a surprise. If you need to get up to speed on the progress on book #1 (#kristysbook), read here and here. About one month after signing a contract for the manuscript due in December, I signed another for 3 manuscripts due the second week of July!!

{God has really knocked my socks off with his blessings this year.  He seems to be clearing paths in places I never imagined and each day I’m excited to wake up and see what happens!}

Of course I can’t say much about about #onebooktwobooks but I can share that we’re pushing for a release sometime this Fall.  Super fast timelines are insane friends, especially for a creative soul, like myself, who needs time and space to percolate an idea.

So I had about 5 weeks to make three books happen . Yup five weeks.  I was limited to graphite sketches and illustration which is definitely outside of my comfort zone; in my wheelhouse, but most definitely a challenge for the gal who loves color.

Writing was involved too, of course and this was perhaps the hurdle I feared the most. Writing came to me later in life.  I recall, sitting with my best friend Amy in college, agonizing over the many red-penned corrections she’d lavish on my papers.  I always looked up to Amy for her uncanny ability to make words dance together in a lovely rhythm.

{In my early thirties I found my writing stride. My voice evolved over the years to the point that writing became a secondary means of expressing myself. }

So stay tuned for more information on the books’ release!

With each illustration I attempted to maintain the lovely character of a graphite pencil point.



Contributing Artists

  • Graphic Design
  • Rachel Behm
  • Illustration Assistant
  • Madison Smolsky