A Peek into the Studio – A Frida Inspired Adoption Baby Shower

If you follow along here on the blog, you’ll know our big news!  We’re waiting on a baby friends!! We’re not matched yet and for those of you not familiar with adoption lingo, we haven’t yet met our destined birthmom, but we are praying to meet her soon!

The Hubby and I decided early in this process that we wanted to be prepared.  We decided that preparing a nursery and proceeding with traditional celebrations like a baby shower were important to us.

{Many may not understand our decision or think we’re “jumping the gun” so to speak but we decided it was valuable to experience this nesting part of the journey.}

So my lovely team rallied to create the most stunning baby shower invitations for Adam and I.  Oh my heavens.  Jillian, my right hand artistically took the charge of designing something I would love.  Oh did she outdo herself!

{Some might be wondering why I chose to have a Frida Inspired Adoption Baby Shower, nodding to an artist who had so many personal struggles with building her family?}

I feel a strong kinship with her struggles, a connection to her desire to have her own family but not being able to.  I connect with her physical struggles, limitations and losses.  She ultimately wasn’t able to have children but her passion and fiery heart for family could inspire us all just the same.

Reading about Frida’s emotions after her loss became more final, let’s say…make me realize this:

{Heartbreak and joy are often closely linked to one another.}

I’ve experienced the dichotomy of suffering and joy all tangled into one, haven’t we all at some point?

A letter Frida wrote to her Doctor:
“Doctorcito querido: I have wanted to write to you for a long time than you can imagine. I had so looked forward to having a little Dieguito that I cried a lot, but it’s over, there is nothing else that can be done except to bear it.”

Oh dear Frida, your heartache is that felt by so many woman throughout time.  I pray this celebration of life and family coming to fruition in non-traditional ways pays homage to your experience in the smallest of ways. XO

{A look at the four different versions of the invitation suite:}

Each envelope was lined with one of four different fabrics
A little bit vintage, a little bit new!
Pulling our inspiration from the pattern textile bands on much of traditional Mexican dresses.
Each had a turquoise background floated in with flower over painted in Opera Rose and white.


All the day’s details; parking, directions, etc, were bundled into this sweet tri-fold
And rose gold foil, of course!
Guests are being asked to fill Baby Jatkowski’s library and this custom book plate is something I will cherish for a very long time.