Inspirations – The Art for Joy’s Sake Journal©

Hi Friends!!!  Well, it’s official! is live.  This shop has a purpose, a BIG one. Each product was developed to bring fine art into your lives…Even the tiniest of cell phone case artwork, we believe, can impact your mood and make the moments of your day just a bit brighter.

{I believe strongly in the power of art making, for everyone…even if you just love to doodle.  My mission at is to introduce everyone who is willing to the power of art in the nooks and crannies of life.}

Over the years I’ve met so many individuals who’ve said “gosh I wish I could draw” or “I could never learn to paint”…but these fearful statements have more to do with not feeling like one could ever be good enough or talented enough…BUT let me share this…making #artforjoysake isn’t about painting the most beautiful image or creating something you think might be purchase-worthy, or sketching a super realistic portrait, no…making #artforjoysake is all about the act of making art and the cathartic quality of putting pencil or brush to paper.  Stepping away from your phone, the laptop and even your to-do list for just five minutes a day can be magical…and I mean magical, no exaggeration.

I have this horrible habit at night…I’ll sit in front of the TV, pretending to relax (remember I don’t have kids yet!) and instead I’ll be emailing clients or posting to instagram or checking Facebook stats on my business page – anything to make me feel productive, because dare I actually let my mind rest.  I will catch myself in this insanity and often just grab my sketchbook that I keep handy on the adjacent table.

{I’ll force myself to hide my phone and just start doodling…the carpet pattern, a few dots and stars, a cutesy flower…nothing epic, just doodles… No one ever sees many of these doodles, because they are just for me.  They are a welcome and often necessary distraction from a technology induced mind stupor.}

So when planning the launch of it was a goal of mine to create a product designed with one simple goal in mind: To vision a journal which makes it easy for ANYONE to pick up and sketch.  This journal had to be beautiful with inspiring details (gold foil, of course) and it had to inspire sketching in even the most fearful of budding or art curious souls out there!

Enter The Art for Joy’s Sake©Journal! 

{And for the next 48 hours we are offering free domestic shipping on ALL journal orders, even bundles!  Please use code “AFJSfreeship” at checkout!}

Hard cover, gold spiral binding for easy, lay flat sketching….AND of course, gold foil calligraphy by Designsgirl!
Pages are thick enough to support watercolor painting!
Gold metal corners on the cover to keep your jounral looking perfect for a long time!
10 sections for a total of 100 pages. Each section starts with this “Today Is” page as a creative springboard! This page features graph paper too…
Each of the ten sections features the guided sketching page, with ideas to inspire your sketching for the sake of sketching adventure! SO don’t worry if you lack ideas, we’ve thought of them for you!

artforjoysake-doodling-journal artforjoysake-doodling-journal artforjoysake-doodling-journal

Indeed there is!!