“Hand-Painted Wedding Stationery as Unique as Your Love Story”

*Press Feature* Need some help choosing how to handle your wedding stationery? Check out this article full of useful info to help engaged couples navigate wedding stationery! Kelley spoke with DatingAdvice.com to share more info about how we like to handle the custom design process, plus the pros and cons of choosing custom stationery over […]


Bas Meeuws Inspired Watercolor Floral Birthday Party

Colorful, moody, whimsical, arty, bold… just a few of the words that describe Irie’s Bas Meeuws inspired watercolor floral second birthday party. You’ve never seen a floral birthday party invitation like this one. Kristy’s Delft-inspired blue and white pattern was a great jumping off point for the decor, and she included it as a large […]


2022 Artist Holiday Gift Guide

Not sure what to give the artist, crafter, or creative in your life? OR are you thinking of adding a some new hobby inspiration to your own holiday wish list? Never fear, here are Kristy’s TOP picks… a holiday gift guide for Artists and Art Appreciators in 2022! Stacking Mixing Tray Travel Watercolor Palette Mixed […]


Heirloom Shoot

To me, the word Heirloom conjures ideas of something clean, fresh and authentic…untouched, really. The word Heirloom inspired every moment of this project, from the farmer florist grown blooms we used, to the wood and watercolor stationery I created. Downpour for Hours could have been the name of this project, as it rained buckets that day. […]


Utah Shoot

Before executing this shoot, I’d been dreaming up a grand Utah wedding inspiration scene for months, just like a painting begins to evolve in my brain long before I put brush to paper.  Lunaria branches were my initial inspiration…their iridescent glow that captures their surroundings in hints of sun washed color.  Those fluttery petals seemed […]

Rose Gold Wedding Inspiration

Sepia Wedding Inspiration

I’ve been enthralled with Sepia since college…since the first time I picked up a piece of Sepia hued charcoal for my first figure drawing class.  Its rich tone is neither muddy or heavy but still intense and powerful.  Neither brown nor red, it meets the eye somewhere in the middle of a rosy amber glow […]


Florentine Watercolor Wedding Inspiration

Fiore is a modern, whimsical spin on a classic Florentine watercolor pattern.  Emerald, the punchy, saturated, sophisticated Pantone Color of 2013, and our muse for a shoot project to celebrate another pattern collaboration with the team at Envelopments®!  So to follow up our first wedding watercolor pattern named Trellis, I joined forces with the talented […]


Painted Revelry

This project unfolded the same day as “Watercolor Harvest”insane, I know, and was my very first shoot published (thank you Ruffled).  Vintage Gold and Green Watercolor Wedding Inspiration says it all when it comes to the vibe of this project but what I recall most from this day was really learning and living the meaning […]


Radiant Orchid Art Shoot

I have to admit, I’m not the biggest fan of purple so when I discovered the 2014 Pantone Color of the Year, I knew my annual shoot paying homage to Pantone’s choice would be a personal challenge.  My mind, however, on this particular plum, infused with raspberries and eggplant-hued beauty, was changed. Radiant Orchid Art […]


Georgia O’Keeffe Wedding Inspiration

Georgia O’Keeffe is my muse and has been since middle school when my Mom gave me the book 100 Flowers for Christmas one year.  Her grace paired with fierce personality, her skill mingled with expression, her delicate hand juxtaposed with boldness and bravery – oh how her paintings make my heart sing.  I’d become fascinated […]


Claire Pettibone Wedding Inspiration

I always say, “I just need an excuse to travel” and this time around my excuse was the stunning collection of gowns from the dear Claire Pettibone. Gathering with like-minded artist friends is a way to energize and recharge and that is just what we did in Atlanta, Georgia for this fussy and romantic art […]


Andrew Wyeth Wedding Inspiration

Sophisticated Rustic Wedding Invitations…like those Andrew Wyeth himself may have approved of, was my goal… I grew up taking art lessons from the local artist superstar, Sue Hand.  She first introduced me to the wonders of Andrew Wyeth with several trips to the Brandywine River Museum in Chadds Ford, Pennsylvania.  Andrew Wyeth made the simple […]