Painted Revelry

This project unfolded the same day as “Watercolor Harvest”insane, I know, and was my very first shoot published (thank you Ruffled).  Vintage Gold and Green Watercolor Wedding Inspiration says it all when it comes to the vibe of this project but what I recall most from this day was really learning and living the meaning of “do whatever it takes to get it right”. We had set the table and its elaborate place settings, blooms and hand painted menus on the property’s porch. When the light just wouldn’t seem to brighten, I knew we were in the wrong spot. I dreaded the work it would take to move the table but it didn’t matter. I knew the stone footbridge I spotted earlier that morning, bathed in freshly fallen yellow leaves, was where we needed to be. So off we went to dismantle and move that table over 600 feet down a steep hill, after a rain to its perfect place…and I ‘m so glad we did!