Florentine Watercolor Wedding Inspiration

Fiore is a modern, whimsical spin on a classic Florentine watercolor pattern.  Emerald, the punchy, saturated, sophisticated Pantone Color of 2013, and our muse for a shoot project to celebrate another pattern collaboration with the team at Envelopments®!  So to follow up our first wedding watercolor pattern named Trellis, I joined forces with the talented crew at Envelopments® to create another watercolor pattern launched in February of 2013.

Fiore is the dishy, detailed and fresh follow up to 2012’s feminine, flowery Trellis.

Three wedding invitation suites were developed so I could truly express the versatility of this pattern.  Taking a decidedly abstract stance on the concept of traditional Florentine art elements, I painted swirls, loops, swooshes and dots to my heart’s content.

I gathered a team of creatives to paint, shoot, film and flower a celebration of the new Fiore pattern.  Every surface celebrated the wit and whimsy of this versatile pattern with Pantone’s color of the year at the heart of it all.  Emerald and Fiore made a mindful match…we’re in love.

Vendor Credits