Heirloom Shoot

To me, the word Heirloom conjures ideas of something clean, fresh and authentic…untouched, really. The word Heirloom inspired every moment of this project, from the farmer florist grown blooms we used, to the wood and watercolor stationery I created. Downpour for Hours could have been the name of this project, as it rained buckets that day. We set up three tents to work beneath and ran from tent to tent, losing our flip flops and stepping in mud up to ankles to beat the raindrops. What I adore most of this shoot is knowing what a dreary day it was but never seeing that reveal itself in the images. As an artist I sometimes feel like I need to be a magician…taking reality and making it shine, spinning what the naked eye sees into something a bit more colorful, a bit more intense and just a bit more magical.

The Pink Peony Watercolor Wedding Invitations created for this project continue to be a favorite of those who visit our site.  Creamy brushstrokes in shades of pink against a cedar wood veneer creates an incomparable texture!