Utah Shoot

Before executing this shoot, I’d been dreaming up a grand Utah wedding inspiration scene for months, just like a painting begins to evolve in my brain long before I put brush to paper.  Lunaria branches were my initial inspiration…their iridescent glow that captures their surroundings in hints of sun washed color.  Those fluttery petals seemed the perfect texture to lie on the table as a delicate runner.  Wedgewood was another important inspiration point for that perfect touch of blue.

As is with all my editorial work, artwork and stationery are central to the overall aesthetic.  Now of course, I’m a bit biased for many reasons, but yes, stationery is often the heartbeat of a celebration.  Paper and paint, at least in our world, begins the tale…the love story that will continue to unfold until the last thank you note is composed.

Vendor Credits

  • Production and Styling
  • Tessa Woolf
  • Sweets
  • Pink Peach Cakes