A Momental Girl Gets Married – Meet Steph!

Hiring a new employee is always terribly nerve wracking for both parties involved.  When I met Steph for the first time, my nerves were instantly calmed.  Her bubbly presence mixed with a serious sense of her own artistic style and knowledge of the wedding industry were impressive.  It is not often that silkscreen save the […]


A Peek into the Studio – Meet Jessica

I wanted to take some time today to reintroduce you to a very amazing person who is more than my studio manager but also my friend (since grade school to be exact). From our days in Girls Scouts crafting cross-stitch to college summers staging elaborate painting vignettes, Jess (as I call her) has been part […]


The New Headshots!

A little variety never hurt anyone – right?  This past June I got together with The Momental Girls for a full day photo shoot.  Needless to say, we had a blast and the photos, taken by the very talented Daniel Lanton, were fantastic.  I decided, however that I wanted a little more variety for my […]


Creative Team Building and a Big Thank You

You have heard me say it and write it, a thousand times…I love the Momental Girls!   What I am most proud of in building this business over the last few years is developing a team of women who are passionate and innovative about building their careers as artists and designers. Today we gathered early for […]


Meet the Momental Team – Kelley!

Name:Kelley Nudo Position: Managing Assistant, the Momental writer and Bridal Show Guru All time favorite invite: Thinking of my own wedding flowers, every time I see a bride select the blue hydrangea for their wedding stationery, it really tugs at my heartstrings. I pride myself as being Kristy’s first bride to choose the blue hydrangea, […]


Meet the Momental Team – Laura!

Name: Laura Popielarz Position: Design Assistant, email pro, master organizer 🙂 All time favorite invite: My favorite invite has to be Kristen S.’s!! I love, love, love that it is black and white, minimal, with a reserved amount of bling! I am a huge fan of white space! Favorite color combination: I love black, white […]


Meet the Momental Team – Jaime!

Name: Jaime Kapral-Hindmarsh Position/Special Talents: Design Assistant, portfolio creator, master with buckles and rhinestones   All time favorite invite: I LOVE bling! Anything with a buckle or rhinestones, I absolutely adore the vintage lacy stamp collection. Favorite color combination: Shades of ivory and white are so clean together, the textures are beautiful; I also have […]


Meet the Momental Team – Jessica!

Name: Jessica McCafferty Position/Special Talents: Studio Manager/Artist All time favorite invite: I am absolutely loving the Sculpted Blooms Collection! The combination of textures and sculptural elements in this invite makes “The Painted Bloom” my favorite. Favorite color combination: I adore different combinations of browns and greens. I really like warm, rustic colors together. Favorite embellishment: […]