Creative Team Building and a Big Thank You

You have heard me say it and write it, a thousand times…I love the Momental Girls!   What I am most proud of in building this business over the last few years is developing a team of women who are passionate and innovative about building their careers as artists and designers.

Today we gathered early for a fun team building meeting.  Let’s face it, we are all friends, women and work side by side so it is imperative we come together at times to educate each other, brainstorm and listen.  The morning started with a team building exercise Amy visioned, designed to help everyone see just how important teamwork is to producing a superior product.

momental_designs303Pictured left to right: Linda, Steph,  Jaime, Kelley, Jess and Joy.

I certainly don’t want to bore you with the details but am simply proud of The Girls and the growth  witnessed over the last year.  I am blessed to have such a fantastic team who really cares collectively about the brides and families whose designs they are creating.

Amy closed the meeting by reading aloud a passage from the website that truly encapsulates what we do at The Momental Studio everyday:

“The Momental Team is made up of lifelong friends who share, among other things, several degrees in art and education. Jessica, Kelley, Jaime, Steph, Joy and Linda ensure that each bride feels empowered and delighted by their Momental experience. As professionals, they possess the skill and talent to create exquisite, breathtaking designs. As friends, they understand the importance of the personal touches that transform each finished product into a breathtaking work of art; one that tells a story of life, friendship, and love.”

So thanks again ladies, now let’s get back to painting!

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