A Peek into the Studio – Meet Jessica

I wanted to take some time today to reintroduce you to a very amazing person who is more than my studio manager but also my friend (since grade school to be exact). From our days in Girls Scouts crafting cross-stitch to college summers staging elaborate painting vignettes, Jess (as I call her) has been part of my life for what seems like forever, she is family.  Jess loves the color green, is an artist in everything she does, has an infectious, silly laugh and makes our team whole.  I am sure you have seen many of our Custom Venue Illustration wedding invitations recently and it is likely that what you saw was created in whole or part by our fabulous Jessica.

My style of artwork is naturally very bold and sweeping, detailed yet stylized.  Jessica’s meticulous, realistic yet spirited style is the perfect balance to mine and I am lucky to have her as my artistic right hand.   Momental is not a team of one- it is a living, breathing compilation of efforts from a group of talented women who blow my mind everyday.    This excerpt is taken from our Meet the Team page and says it perfectly:

“The Momental Team is made up of lifelong friends who share, among other things, several degrees in art and education. Jessica, Kelley, Steph, Kristen , Joy and Linda ensure that each bride feels empowered and delighted by their Momental experience. As professionals, they possess the skill and talent to create exquisite, breathtaking designs. As friends, they understand the importance of the personal touches that transform each finished product into a breathtaking work of art; one that tells a story of life, friendship, and love.”

Thanks Jess for all you do and I look forward to many more years of creating art with you!

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