Meet the Momental Team – Jaime!


Jaime Kapral-Hindmarsh

Position/Special Talents: Design Assistant, portfolio creator, master with buckles and rhinestones



All time favorite invite:

I LOVE bling! Anything with a buckle or rhinestones, I absolutely adore the vintage lacy stamp collection.

Favorite color combination:

Shades of ivory and white are so clean together, the textures are beautiful; I also have a soft spot for shades of pink!

Favorite embellishment: The Buckles!!!!

What has working at Momental Designs taught you?

Until working for Momental Designs I’ve never truly appreciated how amazingly different paper can be. We honestly use the highest quality papers and cardstock available plus all the color, pattern and textures! It’s a really nice atmosphere to be surrounded by everyday! I now find myself comparing paper thickness and cardstock.

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