Meet the Momental Team – Kelley!


Name:Kelley Nudo

Position: Managing Assistant, the Momental writer and Bridal Show Guru


All time favorite invite: Thinking of my own wedding flowers, every time I see a bride select the blue hydrangea for their wedding stationery, it really tugs at my heartstrings. I pride myself as being Kristy’s first bride to choose the blue hydrangea, however the design has certainly come a long way since then. As part of the Big Bloom Collection, the hydrangea has a certain softness and with an elegant feel, paired with the cool shades of blue, it is a perfect pick in my book!

Favorite color combination: In my mind, the soft shades of blue I used for my own wedding were a classic choice, but I am really loving the color combinations with shades of purples many Momental brides are requesting. Using purple in a monochromatic palette is really a treat for the eyes and translates so well with many flowers (i.e. orchids, lilies, hydrangeas, etc) Purple is passion, regal, and is somewhat of an unexpected color for wedding stationery.

Favorite embellishment:
I love the pearls! I wear a pearl right-hand ring every day, so when I saw the new pearl embellishments on the Vintage Lace Collection, I fell head over heels. The use of the pearls on any piece of wedding stationery will be like adding little beads of elegance.

What has working at Momental Designs taught you?
Even though I have a degree in Art Education, I spend most of my time at the studio writing, which I love! It is kind of funny how each person finds their niche at the studio, and I never thought mine would be in the realm of writing. I have learned countless skills at the studio, far too many to list. But I will list my top funny five:

1. Packing popcorn is worth more than gold.

2. Don’t feed Harry mushrooms.

3. Sometimes its hard to find paper in an Invitation Studio.

4. Be extra nice to the postal workers.

5. Make sure you get a running start when pulling out the studio parking lot in bad weather.

Thanks for letting me share my Momental experiences.



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