Meet the Momental Team – Laura!


Name: Laura Popielarz

Position: Design Assistant, email pro, master organizer 🙂


All time favorite invite:

My favorite invite has to be Kristen S.’s!! I love, love, love that it is black and white, minimal, with a reserved amount of bling! I am a huge fan of white space!

Favorite color combination:

I love black, white and silver together. This is my all time favorite combination.

Favorite embellishment: A small amount of bling. I also like paper wraps in a contrasting color.

What has working at Momental Designs taught you?

Working here has taught me so much! I have really learned to appreciate the variety of ideas that different brides have. It is always so interesting to see varying ideas and what they like in terms of color and layout. I really like to see the different materials that we use, they are always so beautiful! I defineltey love to see the new products, especially the embellishments, that we are working with! How fun!

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