My Story is Art – What I learned from Casey

Image Courtesy of Bob O’Connor

Did you ever wonder what would happen if you stood up in public and just started to dance or sing? Have you ever held back your true thoughts because you feared a negative response? Have you ever NOT done something your heart told you to?   I say stop it and so does Casey.  I’ll admit…I watch American Idol and yes, love every minute of it, this season especially because of one stand-up-bass-playing-free spirit that makes me cry every time I watch.  Casey Abrams.   This guy takes the stage with no fear, very little care of judgement and makes a point to fascinate with his voice.  He uses his voice fearlessly to carve out his own very unique space in this world.  Sweet high-pitched sqeaks and low growls flood in between a gorgeous, velvety vibrato.  On stage he is in his moment that we are lucky to witness.

Casey got me to thinking.  How am I carving out my lovely space in this world.  Am I doing it with hesitancy, fear or laziness?  Am I comitting to each moment I put brush to paper.  I am I being fearless when I suggest a color, or expressive line?

I want to be more like Casey and make art like he sings.  I want to make art that no one expects but delight in when they experience.

How about you?