Inspirations – Anne ten Donkelaar’s Flower Constructions

Mixed Media artist from the Netherlands, Anne ten Donkelaar calls her creations Flower Constructions.  I had to think on that phrase for a bit because as I have discovered, words, and how they make me feel have a big impact on my perception of things.  So the word “Construction” didn’t seem to at all give […]


Inspirations – Spanish Inspired Floral Pattern in Watercolor

So why this simpler blog post you may be wondering?  Read why here.   Want to see more, head here.


Inspirations – Thankful for Adam

The Holidays bring out a certain nostalgia, of course, don’t we all feel it at some point?  Friends on instagram and twitter have been sharing daily thankful thoughts this month and I wish I was doing the same.  Stopping this morning to think about what I’m thankful for translated into this, I’m afraid, very sentimental, […]


Inspirations – On Being Literal…

In the studio, the word literal has no shelter.  In my world, the stuff of making art, creating impressions with something tactile like paint requires a need for embellishment both literal and figurative.  We strive to paint a picture of our couples’ love everyday without necessarily painting the whole picture.  Do you know what I […]


Inspirations – Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise Wedding Invitations

With an awe inspiring venue and blush peonies as their muse, this couple’s invitation will surely be delicately painted with a sophisticated flair. Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise, Papers, Blush Peony Handmade Wedding Invitations, Blush Peonies


Inspirations – Alberto Giacometti and The Ghostly Celebration

Alberto Giacometti was first introduced to me in college by a professor who likened my figure sketches to his.  At the time I was a bit offended as I saw Giacometti as dark and messy.  Over time though, I gained an appreciation for this artist’s deconstructed figures and the elegance of his sketchy hand.  Today […]


A Peek into the Studio – Paints, Palettes and Projects

Sometimes a simple act can lead to big things.  So I attribute my new watercolor palette to a lot of the gorgeousness going on at the studio as of late.  Call me crazy but nothing inspires me more that a white sheet of Arches and a palette full of fresh, new watercolor.  Soak it up. […]


Inspirations – The Twilight Garden

Twilight daisies, Night Garden, Twilight Garden If any of you follow my tweets you may have heard that our July 4th was a big one.  The hubby’s been prepping fireworks for our big bash since March, yes, March!  As I sat and watched the colors explode in the sky I also noticed how the light […]


Inspirations – Mint, Aqua and Coral Watercolor Wedding Inspiration

This palette of freshness makes me smile…paired with lovely ivory tones the look is whimsical and clean with a modern twist on a classically elegant vibe.   Sweet Bird Cake, Patterned China, Papers, Versailles Swirl Wedding Invitation, Watercolor Wedding Invitation