My Story is Art – Brush Marker Peony Pattern

I’ve been doing a lot of late nights these days.  Not sure if I’m trying to pump myself up for sleepless baby nights or what but less sleep has been my mantra as of late.  Something about the quiet of the house when you’re the only one awake is sacred in a way, like you are experiencing time that no one else is a part of.  In these wee hours time opens up and slows down.  Thinking takes on a new meaning and my hand craves a brush, pen, marker or whatever will facilitate meditation on paper.

{In these late hours, is joy…Joy comes here and cradles me with comfort no matter the events of the day.}

Joy comes in the morning (Psalm 30:5) yes but joy is in all the small moments.  Joy doesn’t need a fat wallet or a laundry list of exciting travels to come…

{Joy wants you now, not someday when {blank) happens, joy desires the quiet parts of your heart, not the chaos of a fleeting happy experience.}

Beginning with black brush pen, and then a finish of art markers….

Let the joy in friends.
bold-watercolor-flower-pattern bold-watercolor-flower-pattern