My Best Friend's Wedding – Meet the Photographer, Danny Bostwick

Today I am psyched to introduce Danny Bostwick, Amy and Stephen’s Eastern Shore photographer!  Read on to step inside Danny’s world for just a moment, find out what inspires him and see his favorite shots from Amy and Stephen‘s E-Session!

What inspires you the most on a daily basis?

Progression. Getting better, more efficient, is a huge goal of mine. Call it insecurities, obsessions, call it what you want, but every time I see a photo of a wedding, I want to top it and do something way more awesome!!!

Nerves on the wedding day play a huge role, how do you help your couples combat this?

I try to make them comfortable, and take thier mind off the ever-evolving stream of doubts that come up.  I enjoy talking with the bride and the groom, on a more personal level as opposed to just showing up and posing them, shooting a few photos and leaving. Not many people feel comfortable in front of a camera, it is my job to loosen them up, and make them feel confident I am going to make them look like rock stars! As cliche as it sounds, I really try to just bleed positive energy all day, it calms down everyone, moms, dads, brides, grooms. Everyone.

Who is your favorite painter and why?

Well, I have never been much of an art buff, but Van Goughs Starry Night always was something that was really inspirational to me. When I was in school they had a print of it in one of my english classes, and I would always get distracted in class, and my mind would wander to the future and what things could be.

Choose a favorite photograph taken by yourself and tell us why it is so.

This is a photo of one of my brides and her groom. It was my favorite wedding I have ever done. It was a last minute wedding, and everything just kinda feel into place for this bride and it was awesome to be apart of. I got a text from her the next day saying, “My day was like a fairy tale, thank you so much for being there for it!!”. Plus the sunset was just epic haha!

Choose a favorite photograph taken by someone you admire and tell us why it is so.

This photo was taken by Matt Clark he is an INCREDIBLE photographer. One of my biggest inspirations. This photo embodies everything I love. Nature, waves, light, the ocean, and those kinda “surreal” moments in life that you never forget.

Each celebration has it’s own personality and spirit.  What about this wedding has you most excited?

The personalities. Amy and Stephen are awesome, super fun to be around and easy to work with. It’s not too often the guy is throwing out ideas at the engagement shoot, generally they are just along for the ride. Stephen was all about it!!! They are A BLAST! I can’t wait for their day.

Thanks so much Danny for sharing with us.  I can’t wait to see all the magic you have in store for July!!