Inspirations – Alice in Wonderland Invitations at Engage!15 in Orlando

There is one conference and meeting of the minds that I’ve attended consistently for the last 8 years…I’ve blogged inspiration and my “speaker sketches” time and time again from Engage! THE Wedding Business Summit.  And do you know why I continue to return again and again, besides the fact that each summit is held at […]


Inspirations: Bar and Bat Mitzvahs

Once in a while we get a chance to do a really unique bar or bat mitzvah invitation like the ones below. What better way to celebrate this milestone in a young person’s life than with fantastic custom stationery to get guests excited for the celebration?! I personally love creating kids’ stationery, it’s such a […]


Inspirations – Whimsical Alice in Wonderland Wedding Invitations

I’m having whimsical visions in watercolor and whimsy – dreaming of stacked teacups and soft, romantic colors all tied up in lace and pretty. Stacked Teacups, Alice in Wonderland Wedding Invitations, Papers, Watercolor Alice in Wonderland


Inspirations – Alice in Wonderland Wedding

Alice has infiltrated the wedding world and it seems she may be here to stay.  From David Tutera’s Alice in Wonderland Wedding to Annie Leibovitz‘s artful fashion shoot for Vogue we are left inspired and continue to be energized by this design concept.  Brides spanning the globe are crafting wedding tea parties, mad-hatted grooms and […]


A Peek into the Studio – Alice, The Tree and a Storyline

We are in high season here at the studio with projects wrapping up everyday and shipping all over the world literally.  The Momental Girls impress me more and more each day with their incredible creativity, passion and above all dedication to meticulous quality.  Ladies, you rock…keep doing what you do so well!  This week some […]


Inspired Ink: Alice in Wonderland Part II

So here is a bit more Alice in Wonderland goodness from the Momental Girls.  I love creating a frame look of sorts, combining various artwork elements.  Here Alice herself, hearts, vines and even umbrellas all came together to create a whimsical frame of hand painted artwork.  Have I also mentioned the color palette here is […]


Inspired Ink: Alice In Wonderland Weddings Part I

I must admit, I have yet to see the new Alice in Wonderland movie, but from all the chatter I have heard I am becoming increasingly intrigued and think perhaps I have my weekend plans set!  For the last year or so, we have seen an increase in requests for designs inspired by the Lewis […]