Inspired Ink: Alice In Wonderland Weddings Part I

I must admit, I have yet to see the new Alice in Wonderland movie, but from all the chatter I have heard I am becoming increasingly intrigued and think perhaps I have my weekend plans set!  For the last year or so, we have seen an increase in requests for designs inspired by the Lewis Carroll stories, that really started it all.  The design we created for Steven last year began our personal Alice Craze and it hasn’t slowed down yet!

This two part post will give you a better look at the designs I and the Momental Girls have had the pleasure of creating, solely centered upon one very important theme  – the drama and beauty of the Alice in Wonderland story.


Each table was named after a different character of course and featured our watercolor interpretations of the beloved originals.


The invitations were inspired by our Vintage Lacy Tree Collection since so many of the original illustration featured trees of some kind.


Our watercolor interpretations of Alice In Wonderland found their way into every nook and cranny of this wedding invitation design.

From left, Annie Leibovitz, Jessica Claire

The simple magic and mystery that surrounds the Alice in Wonderland story makes perfect inspiration for a wedding celebration.  After scouring online I am fascinated to find Alice is inspiring everyone from iconic photographers and artists to wedding creatives.

Su Blackwell’s Book-Cut sculptures blew me away with her intricate details and organic, precisie sensibility.  The blooming gaden Book-Cut on the left subtly harks to the soft, watercolor style of the illustrations seen in John Tennial’s originals.

Check back tomorrow for a look at more Alice inspired creations from the Momental Girls!