Inspirations – Alice in Wonderland Invitations at Engage!15 in Orlando

There is one conference and meeting of the minds that I’ve attended consistently for the last 8 years…I’ve blogged inspiration and my “speaker sketches” time and time again from Engage! THE Wedding Business Summit.  And do you know why I continue to return again and again, besides the fact that each summit is held at the most stunning properties? The people friends, the people.

{Over the years I’ve met and made lifelong friends and this is a big deal for someone as shy as me!  Engage! can look flashy and fancy and wow, AND it is all those things, but at the heart of Engage! is just that, a whole lot of heart.  And good thing, because isn’t that what we want at the core of our weddings?}

So when I realized attending Engage! this Fall was just not a good idea with baby boy coming literally any day, I of course, was a bit sad.  Lucky for me I have amazing friends in the industry who are willing to travel to warm locations and eat awesome food and listen to smart people talk…

So as Engage! unfolds this week, I’ve been following behind the scenes and watching as Candice from Patchwork Planning enjoys her very first Engage! experience!.

As always our team contributed a keepsake stationery piece for each attendee.  This Fall we were charged with a welcome party invite for the first night!  So when in Orlando, we do Wonderland!!! So here are our Alice in Wonderland Invitations for Engage! 15 in Orlando!

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A die cut gatefold wraps around our watercolor flower pattern, secured with a gold mini bouquet.
Die cut invitation panel with a clear acetate piece peeking through to a bold blue watercolor wash!



The back of each wrap was individually watercolored for each guest!


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