My Story is Art – On Heart

Been thinking a lot about heart lately.  Not the actual beating organ mind you, but the strength and fierceness we seem to equate with the heart.  Somewhere between happiness, fear and folly comes our heart of hearts, our gut and instinct, our spirit – all wrapped up into one simple word we use almost everyday.  Steve Jobs said, and I paraphrase, that if you do something with “heart” you are limitless.  If you connect with someone’s heart you can soar.

Jill Thomas, a wedding photographer who has experienced inexplicable grief in the last year, has found a way to see through the pain straight into the heart of her faith.  My husband, who just messaged me to say “just wanted to say i love you“, in bold, yes indeed has heart.   It is this heart…this intangible idea of strength, perseverance and authenticity all wrapped up in one, that is my movement, my mantra for this life.  Acting, living, painting and loving with heart is what I am here to do.

Fears inhibits heart.  Spite clouds heart.  Inattention mocks heart.

My heart is all wrapped up in this business, my family and yes for me picking up a brush so much it feels like noting other than a finger on my hand.  I like all of you struggle and let the congestion of my days cloud my true purpose.  Living with heart is a daily intention, sometimes an hourly challenge, to stay in the moment and make choices with focus and authentic motives.  It is a life’s work to live with heart and it starts, I think with small movements….

This summer living with heart has meant picking flowers and making pretty on my kitchen table.  Heart at my mom’s dinner table was alive and well.


Celebrating with the Momental team last week was all about heart.  We danced and laughed and I cried of course, in celebration of our journey this year.  Love these woman.

After years of why, what-ifs and maybes,  heart came into our lives in a big way this summer.  Our hearts and souls are finally ready for adoption so we begin our journey to family…

Painting is my respite and reprieve, always.  Painting for myself or for a couple looking to me to tell their story in a mix of whit, paint and personality is where my heart finds it’s home.  So it is here I can always come back to center and connect.


Mr. Jobs’ heart was found in connections.  Jill Thomas’ heart forever resides in her faith.  My husband’s heart is in his ever kind and thoughtful ways.  My heart begins with a brush.  You?