My Story is Art – Handwriting Found

Emails have replaced long walks.  Quick texts have replaced postcards.  Letter writing is considered an heirloom skill reserved only for those of us with time to kill.  Handwriting is loosing footing in this flurry of a world.  I’m determined to keep a stronghold.

Last year we collected a bunch of vintage postcards for this project.  Amidst the many duplicates and pretty pieces, I found two that to this day are favorites in my collection.  Both Postcards were addressed to a Miss Eva Painter.  How lovely.

One inscription reads:

“Dear Eva: Got your card and all O.K. on Fri. Was glad to hear from you even if it wasn’t a letter.  Next Saturday (nov. 4) is Institute.  Let me know when you want me to go out.  I am going down to Irwin tonight (Tuesday) if it stops raining.  Isn’t this just horrid weather?  Almost as bad as it was last March.  Let me hear from you soon.  Mary”

This flimsy piece of history sits by my desk as a reminder of a conversation had over 100 years ago.  The kind of conversation that today would happen in a fraction of as many words and via text.

The handwriting is so delicate and tentative but at the same time so purposeful.  Finely crafted letters where you can almost see the thought placed in each as they were scribed.  I adore the sweet swirl on Eva’s name and the leading flourish on each g and w.  Part remnants of strict handwriting lessons of the day, part visual intention of time taken and invested in a friendship.

I’m not writing to open up another debate on handwriting in schools but I’m sure you can imagine where I stand.  Just here to share a sweet postcard I hope to have forever.  To remind me of what was…of what should continue and not be lost.

Handwriting found.