Envelope Liners & Addressing

No doubt about it, we are really fond of envelope liners!  There is no better way to let someone know what they are about to find inside the envelope is really special.  A textural layer of cardstock peeking out from the inside of an envelope can communicate substance and richness.  If you want to add […]

Foil and Flat Wedding Invitation Printing

Printing Styles

To go beyond the lovely standard… We absolutely adore high quality digital printing and it is included with all of our stationery pieces!  However, there is no better way to elevate an invitation than adding specialty printing, combined with our stunning watercolor artwork it is the perfect pairing.  You can consider the enchanting glint of […]



One of our priorities when designing your hand painted wedding invitation is ensuring your guests feel as if they are opening a gift upon receiving your invite, and our embellishments do just that!  What you will find in this gallery are other ways to create a memorable presentation and increase that wow-factor with combinations of […]



The presentation of your invitation is something that takes it from just a card, to a bona fide keepsake. We offer the ensemble folder as a standard element for all invitation suites, but if we have piqued your interest, we can explore other options to really show off your gorgeous invitation. The presentation is another area […]


Paper Quality

Paper. Quality. Two words the Momental Team take very seriously. So yes, with us you will find richly textured double thick stocks, refined shimmer papers and classic linen textures, and the layering of them all to create a substantial impression. We like to get a bit creative too; creating custom patterns, hand painting papers before […]


Hand Painting Techniques

I FOUND I COULD SAY THINGS WITH COLOR AND SHAPES THAT I COULDN’T SAY ANY OTHER WAY – THINGS I HAD NO WORDS FOR. Georgia O’Keeffe The Hand Painted Moment Carefully placed brushstrokes hold in them a raging river of emotion; the unspeakable kind of feeling that sends a shiver down your neck when you […]