Paper. Quality. Two words the Momental Team take very seriously. So yes, with us you will find richly textured double thick stocks, refined shimmer papers and classic linen textures, and the layering of them all to create a substantial impression.

We like to get a bit creative too; creating custom patterns, hand painting papers before they go to print, and distressing wood veneers.

What will your paper be?

Distressed Paper

Nothing expresses a rustic vibe like distressed cardstock.

Double Thick Stock with Painted Edge

Nothing feels quite like the richness of a double thick piece of cardstock…sturdy and sophisticated all in one touch. Add the painted edge for a sweet, surprise of a moment for your guests.

Handmade Paper

In addition to the over 400 papers we design with on a daily basis, our handmade papers offer a deeper level of choices for your project. Seeded, lacey, foiled and tissue papers are just the beginning….

Hand Painted Paper

We’ve taken to altering paper in ways you might not expect. A favorite is adding color or texture to simple cardstock with shimmer inks, sheer watercolors and even thicker acrylic paints. The look that results is all about a subtle, added layer of texture.

Hand Torn Edge Paper

Subtle deckled edges add a touch of personality to any invitation suite.

Laser Cut

Nothing quite surpasses the intricacy and delicate nature of laser cut details…let’s imagine together how this exquisite design element can become a part of your project!

Rustic Hand Torn Edge Paper

The rustic hand torn edge is more rugged, textured and irregular than its counterpart above.

Shimmer Paper

Our shimmer cardstocks feature a subtle glisten; some more textured than others, these cardstock don’t scream but instead, whisper.

Textured Paper

Linen, laid, pebbled – texture plays a major role in communicating the formality of your stationery.

Watercolor Washed Paper

A Momental signature – watercolor washes on the background of invitations…not digitally printed…no, indeed not.