Artful Admirations – Elsa Mora's Style, Paper Cuts and Assemblage

A few weeks ago I met Elsa.  Not in person but it certainly felt like a face to face encounter since the tone and text of Elsa’s blogs seem to reach out to me like a long lost friend.  Elsa Mora is a true artist.  You might have heard me use the phrase before so let me explain…  A true artist:  an individual whose every move, make and mood speaks of their art.  They embody their expression with each step they take, however mundane.  True artists in my book, make lots of something out of nothing and never wait for approval.  They break rules, uphold clichés and make life interesting for all those who cross their path.  Elsa Mora is a true artist.

“I learned that the most precious possession that you have is your mind.”  Words to live by from Elsa

The first project of Elsa’s that drew me in… a fine assemblage re-creation of Frida Kahlo’s studio she created to teach her daughter about this iconic artist.

Next I discoverd her personal style blog where Elsa outfits herself in as artful of details as she creates with her art.  Some of her favorites, Anthropologie, Zara, Barbara Macleod

The Heart of Papercuts is Elsa’s blog dedicated to what I believe to be her most innovative form of expression.  Elsa’s papercuts seem to speak differently that most I’ve seen.  They have a certain grittiness to them, an edge.  Pretty and delicate in one moment while gripping and intense the next.  “Visionary” is a piece she posted in June.  Perhaps a self portrait? From Elsa  “The girl had a vision, a dream about exploration and about going away. So she cut herself some paper wings. Her wings took her to the most unexpected and mysterious places. The journey was beautiful and painful at the same time. At some point the girl wanted to go back home, but she realized that her real home was her own mind, so she kept dreaming and flying until the end of her life.”