My Story is Art – Watercolor Memories of Calavie Health Spa

Been waiting for the perfect moment to share an unexpected journey I took earlier this summer.  Calavie Health Spa is a sweet place that can transform in more ways than one would anticipate.  Of course they have the standard spa amenities, that are by no means standard.  Above that however this property hosts a sense of history and curated artfulness at every turn.  You feel like you’ve come home, but to a space whose beauty you could never have dreamed.  Sounds heavenly right?  It was.

Being greeted with glasses of champagne as we stepped from the car to begin exploring Calavie, started the afternoon off right.  Then a centuries old chapel, was before us and I soon learned this rustic structure originally had its home in France.

  Imagine a candlelit wedding ceremony beneath rustic wooden beams and walking down an aisle lined in lavender.

I’ve said it before but if a place inspires me to paint it is sure to hold experiences that will stay with me forever.  Luckily Jen O’Sullivan was around capturing these gorgeous images, allowing me time to soak in every watercolor detail I planned to get on paper!  The property is perched atop rolling hills and the warm breezes seemed perfect in every way; just enough to fill the air with sweet scents of jasmine and lavender.  So off to capture that breeze in watercolor I was…

A ballroom outfitted in hand painted friezes, hand carved wooden architectural elements and antiques lovingly collected all over Europe defined a celebration space that is at one glance unencumbered but at the next grand in its carefully combined details.

Please ladies, if you are searching for a breathtaking Destination Wedding Venue please give Calavie a moment.  I promise a moment is all you will need to fall in love.