Artful Admirations – Dana Tanamachi

Dana Tanamachi’s phone is ringing, guaranteed.  This girl is talented and Oprah noticed. Enough said.  Well, not really… The mail was delivered and sitting on my counter was this delightful cover.  At first glance I noticed, Oprah of course, in her fab diggs and bold colors, but quickly I knew something was different. The distinct, […]


Artful Admirations – Elsa Mora's Style, Paper Cuts and Assemblage

A few weeks ago I met Elsa.  Not in person but it certainly felt like a face to face encounter since the tone and text of Elsa’s blogs seem to reach out to me like a long lost friend.  Elsa Mora is a true artist.  You might have heard me use the phrase before so […]


Artful Admirations – Eskayel Textiles

Shanan Campanaro of Eskayel makes the most gorgeous watercolor pieces and after years of exhibiting to much acclaim in the art world, began offering a collection of wallpapers in 2009.    Look on…. By manipulating portions of her original paintings, she creates innovative pattern work that turns walls into wonderlands.


Artful Admirations – Rebekah Maysles

It is always terribly exciting when the Anthropologie catalog arrives, although a stretch to call this publication a catalog…the word seems to impersonal and cold.  While flipping through for the first of many times, my eye stopped cold on a page.  First the washy yet vibrant color caught my eye. I scanned the page to […]


Artful Admirations – David Stark's Purely Paper Flower Shop

A few week’s back I noticed a tweet from Carissa of JL Designs.  I clicked on the link to find the work of Installation Artist David Stark.  Having seen his work previously I knew I was in for some serious eye candy.  To celebrate the launch of his new book David Stark Design a paper […]


Artful Admirations – Extasia Jewelry

Lindsey, our photographer in Utah suggested we have a day after shoot in the park.  Some quiet time, just Adam and I and the beautiful Zion scenery, seemed like the perfect way to wrap up our renewal celebration.   Lindsey is even bringing along some actual film!  From what I hear good, old-fashioned film is the […]


Artful Admirations – Flower Magazine Giveaway Winner!

Congratulations Rhoda!  We know you will enjoy your subscription and all the inspiration it holds for you!


Artful Admirations: Jesse Ryan Photography

Working with true kindred spirits doesn’t happen often, but when it does, the results are magical. I wrote this sentence yesterday and believed every word because it happened to me.  Last month I had the extreme joy of working with a group of artists I am proud to call friends and colleagues.  Jesse Ryan captured […]


Artful Admirations – Daniel Lanton and Central Park Flowers

I have been waiting patiently to share this shoot with you in addition to two of my favorite wedding artists whose work I enjoy endlessly.  So this is how the story goes… Last year while searching for a makeup artist in my region I stumbled upon the website of Daniel Lanton.  His hauntingly beautiful images […]


An Artful Life/Artful Admirations – Stephanie Elizabeth Designs

Today’s post is a combination of An Artful Life and Artful Admirations.    Through a look into my home I would like to introduce you to the work of the artist behind one of my most prized art collections.  Years ago when I first began my business I traveled to Art shows locally selling my stationery.  […]