The Making Space – Salon Walls

The studio revamp is underway.  Soon we will be knocking down walls and rearranging every last inch of this space.  Demolition is not my forté although I must admit that taking a sledgehammer swing to a few walls has a certain allure.  Regardless, I have been swimming around in a sea of inspiration, studying other artists’ studio spaces and homes to try and put a finger on the pulse of how I how to create a space that feels like home.  I’ve collected vintage frames for years. and use them whenever I can.  They seem to instantly add texture and a historical flair to anything they are in proximity to.

When the hubby and I renewed our vows each celebration table featured a unique frame.

Our new collection launch in May boasted photos by photographer friend Shane East.  Many were styled with my beloved frames creating a virtual art gallery of painted paper collections.

So for the new studio space, particularly my personal space within it, I am planning to create a salon-style gallery of my favorite pieces.  Over the years I’ve amassed collections of china, buttons, vintage velvet flowers, old books and odds -n- ends that are far to pretty to reside where they currently do, in my back room storage space.  So I am thinking in clusters now, whether it be clusters of glass jars filled with buttons or cluster of frames from floor to ceiling.  I want to surround myself with the pieces that have inspired over the years and leave breathing room for those that are to come.

From top left, I love a gallery of frames, scones and what not to create an eclectic composition.  Empty frames create a feeling of hope for me.  A Scottish frame shop window with stacks of frames, oooh I love!  Salon wall in this painting creates a ominous sense of proportion I find fascinating.  Frame wall stickers, ours would be painted, could be interesting mingled with the real deal.

 Eclectic Wall of Frames, Empty Frame Wall, Salon Wall, Frame Wall Stickers, Scottish Frame Shop