Trend Sketching Bridal Market NYC 2012 – Watters

Playing with a bold color scheme that ranges from petal pink to midnight black, Watters and Wtoo keep it vibrant and young.  We had two favorites while visiting backstage at Bridal Market and the two looks could not be more different from one another!

Iridescent sequins swirl-round a ball gown in a lacy pattern while substantial knit laces bring texture and elegance to a simple frock.

Organic bead work, the softest blush hue and contrasting sparkle kept things interesting on classic silhouettes… and inspired a sketch or two.

We had a lot of fun, too much? Poking around back stage where we got an up close look at the gowns, I did some doodling and Jess….you guessed it…. tried on a few hats.   All in the name of research of course.

Some vibrant color made it’s way into my sketch for Watters.  Touches of teal, coral and raspberry are choice shades for bridesmaids in 2013 and I’m confirming these look amazing on paper too 😉