Trend Sketching Bridal Market NYC 2012 – Tara LaTour

We’ve had such fun covering Bridal Market in our distinctively different way and we hope you have enjoyed each and every detail shot and spirited, colorful sketch!  The big moments this market had to do with whispers of color, sculptural/abstract blooms, curious laces and a noticeable nod to storytelling in the collections.  Tara LaTour may just be the pinnacle of story tellers we covered at Bridal Market.

We were thrilled to have a visit with one of our favorite discoveries from last year’s Market, the infinity inspiring Tara La Tour.   This  little lady has big ideas.   Her works are unabashedly whimsical and wonderfully free spirited.  Tara’s frocks meant for frolicking, dancing, jumping and a maybe even a little mischief making.   Her bride is up to a lot more than just sitting pretty.

This season LaTour went “Where The Wild Thing Are” to bring us a bit of untamed beauty.  Hand frayed detailing, gradient layers, lots of buttons and hand dying of course… a LaTour trademark.   It’s all in the details.

Playful silhouettes mixed with substantial textiles give a balance of hard and soft. Max’s signature row of buttons reads youthful and fun while elements of the forest are brought in with rust colored leaf detail and shades of sepia.

We were smitten with “Tay”, a ruffled frock in warn rustic layers with a silk chiffon leaf-like fringe.  A well balanced dose of wild and refined… Tara LaTour does it best.

Sketching for Tara LaTour was much like a wide roller coaster ride where every turn revealed something unexpected, where a little bump or jolt is welcomed and where the thrill is in not knowing what may come next.  Thank you Tara, for being you and a very much needed breath of fresh color, texture and life.