A Peek into the Studio – Foil and Watercolor Wedding Invitations

Blind letterpress printing has always captivated me.  There’s something magical about text and artwork being pressed deeply into thick, cottony stocks without and color from ink. In these Foil and Watercolor Wedding Invitations, each impression comfortably rests into the paper’s surface. This combined with seeing my illustrations beautifully diluted in this way is a joy.

Blind letterpress is quite literally a letterpress impression in the paper without the use of any color – hence the “blind” name.  Subtlety and texture reign high here as the focal point of the piece is not color and bling, instead the wow becomes the nuance of the paper’s surface and the subtle impression left behind.

One invitation style in particular has become a go to at our studio. Blind letterpress of botanical illustrations and floral elements mingled with explosive yet soft watercolor washes and foil printing have evolved into a new favorite here. There are countless ways to not only personalize these invitations but completely customize and make a bespoke expression unique to only you.

These invitations make a simple case for finding joy in the small and quiet moments of the day. Imagining opening a crisp envelope lined with watercolor flower

{Joy comes to us in the ordinary moments.  We risk missing out when we get too busy chasing down the extraordinary.” – Brene Brown}

Explore further to soak in all just some of the options possible with these Foil and Watercolor Wedding Invitations we will customize to your heart’s content!





Here we’re showing a few different ways to paint the same few invitations. Possibilities galore!

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