Watercolor Wedding Invitations

Watercolor painting is so integral to Momental wedding stationery… hardly a piece leaves the studio without watercolor incorporated in some way. Our watercolor wedding invitations have crossed the spectrum of design.

We’ve had soft painted washes, abstract effects, and crisp, realistic renderings. Posted here is a little overview of the versatility of this beautiful medium – these are really just a small sample of the endless possibilities of style and color.

One popular choice? Soft watercolor landscapes that incorporate the more ethereal quality of the paint, but still offer a recognizable likeness of the subject.

And watercolor pairs perfectly with specialty printing processes like letterpress and metallic foil… allowing them to shine while still bringing life and color to your stationery.

From subtle pastel effects to bold, abstract color, watercolor is perfectly suited to tell your story in stationery. watercolor-wedding-invitationswatercolor-wedding-inviteswatercolor-birthday-invitationswatercolor-wedding-invitewatercolor-bat-mitzvah-invitationwatercolor-wedding-stationerywatercolor-landscape-wedding-invitations