Parisian Artful Wedding Shower

Amy and I have been friends since middle school, when the biggest decision we faced, it seemed, was where to sit at lunch.  Now as adults, our friendship has stood the test of time and our decisions are quite a bit weightier, if you know what I mean!  In our senior year of High School our parents sent us to Paris on a school trip.  So Amy and I traveled around Paris, sipped our first taste of wine together, tried our broken French out on street artists, skipped out of the Louvre early to go shopping, got annoyed with eachother but ultimately strengthened our friendship immensely.  When it came time to plan her wedding shower I knew a Paris vibe was a must!

Her Paper Flower Wedding Shower Invitations were quite the labor of love.  Amy having worked at the Momental Studio for some time became famous for loving so, so many different invitations.  I decided to create a hybrid of elements to curb her invitation cravings.  Book pages were painted and splattered with inks, then cut into circles and crafted into whimsical paper blooms.  Each bloom was finished with black glass buttons which would make another appearance on her Message in a Bottle Wedding Invitations!

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