Trend-Sketching NYC Bridal Market 2011 – Tara LaTour and Ivy&Aster

Big paper blooms caught our eye when entering Pier 94, essentially the mecca of Bridal Market in NYC.  It didn’t take us long to forget the paper blooms and get lost in the fashion.  Ivy & Aster is a spirited design studio intent on crafting modern couture for the chic bride.  Subtly irreverent shapes and colors are mixed with classics like lace and ruffles.  Color is paramount in their collection of social dresses with watercolor-like patterns that made my heart flutter.  Punchy chartreuse frocks, blingy capes and shawls bring their eclectic offering full circle.

My sketch turned watercolor painting quickly as I mixed in touches of  color that popped before my eyes.  Soft penciled blooms and texture sat happily adjacent to boldly petaled flowers and dots, providing a quirky visual narrative of this collection!

A huge trend we are dying over is the “new ivory” as we are calling it.  Ivory is no longer a ho-hum alternative to white.  It is a varied palette of warm hues inspired by a whisper of blush or glaze of sienna.  Ivory is taking on so much more personality in designers’ eyes and we can hardly wait to interpret it into handmade wedding invitations.  I see the new white becoming luscious, dreamy shades of ivory very soon!

Tara LaTour loves color and doesn’t believe in the white wedding dress.  In design school she proclaimed a navy wedding frock was next on her creative to do list – professors and students gasped.   Of course they did, but look at her now!!

My paintbrush was happy.  Happy for a little break from interpreting white and ivory shades on white paper!  Smoky navy, sheer bronze, tea-stained hues all swarmed on my palette gleefully. Tara holds the key to going against the grain – confidence.  Her fearless aesthetic works because it is good, intentional and focused.  Not for every bride no, but for so many,  a long search finally over.  Tara’s one of a kind creations offer a very well deserved breath of relief for the sea of brides hungry for THEIR wedding gown.  You know, the one that feels like falling in love?  The one you never want to take off?  Thank you Tara, from one color love to another.  Stay brave!

Deconstruction is here and evolving everyday.  Bridal fashion in certainly not immune to the frayed edged-crinkle wrinkle-tousled hair aesthetic that is deconstructed style.  Tara LaTour brings a certain romance to this punk inspired movement, making it so very delicate and approachable.  So much of this reminds me of torn edges in paper but inspires me to reinvent the look;  give it a face-lift if you will?  I can envision layering torn papers into invitation wraps and appliques, not unlike Tara layers her carefully selected fabrics…

Photos by Eliesa Johnson