Trend-Sketching NYC Bridal Market 2011 – Margaret Rowe

Have you ever put on a piece of jewelry and it just made you feel better?  In a moment a bit of sparkle and shine could turn your morning around and put a giddy smile on your face..if you haven’t had such a moment I urge you to find Margaret Rowe.  Jess and I had the sheer pleasure of spending some time with Margaret and were pleased to learn she is not only a visionary in Vintage Couture Jewelry but is also one of the nicest women you will ever meet.  That goes a very long way in my book.

We poured over every little bauble and bling, some pieces more statement than a whisper, others steeped in a rich tradition of design that could speak to the most delicate of styles.  Jess befriended this knock out ring we tweeted about in the moment as an Art Deco wow piece.  Not suprised she bought this little beauty to have and to hold onto forever!

My sketch quickly turned into a custom wishlist for THE necklace I want Margaret to someday create for me.  For now, I am happy to just relish in each little pencil line and pen scribble I made to pay homage to this skilled designer.

Margaret, you have charmed us and we are thrilled to know you and experience your work.  Keep innovating in metal minutia!