Warehouse Wedding Shower

A Momental Girl foodie gets married, so what do I do?  Throw her a wedding shower in the middle of a warehouse….Jess wasn’t your typical bride, but who is a typical bride these days anyway?  I guess what I mean to say is that Jess wouldn’t go for anything pink, girly, lacy or sweet.  She is rough around her creative edges, insatiably spontaneous and a fellow artist.  I had to dig deep into what I knew a wedding shower to be and then attempt to turn that thinking completely upside down.

The Floral Pattern Wedding Shower Invitations were rolled up, and stuffed into sweet and petite maple wood boxes.  Each was then finished with peach lace threaded through an emerald green vintage thread buckle.  This watercolor floral pattern, painted a few months before the shower, was one of Jess’s favorites and made an appearance throughout the paperie.

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