Inspirations – Victorian-Goth Wedding Ideas

Nothing thrills quite like stepping into the unfamiliar.  I think this is why I adore travel so much.  Forcing myself into unique situations where I cannot predict my next move always jazzes things up.  When it comes to designing handmade wedding invitations the same holds true and a recent project had me wading through uncharted waters of color, paint and purpose.  A few weeks back I met with a group of ladies at the studio.  Usually I travel long distances to meet industry friends but for one night I sat in the bliss of my own studio space with a group of like-minded artists who, although a smidge younger, were so much like me.

We sat for hours, chatting about art, how we make it for our couples and ourselves.  We stewed in the moment and savored each hour as it passed where there was no judging, no pretense.  Natalie, from Birdhouse Productions shared a new venture, Borrowed, an indie wedding show for the creative “I DO”.  I quickly came on board their already scheduled inspirational shoot.  The concept?  Victorian-Goth.  Yup, that’s right.  So this flower loving, fussy painter dove headfirst into an edgy, rocker-style shoot and here are the results…

A Victorian home on the eve of gutting and partial demolition was our backdrop.

Certain spaces in the house were in ruin but then there were glimmers of its gilded age.  The bold palette of Magenta, Purple and Burgundy infused the space with new life if only for another day.  Our Vintage Orchid Pattern with its Burton-esque swirls and spikes seems the perfect springboard for the handmade wedding invitations and accessories.

Upholstered wallpaper of a bygone day was still alive with a turquoise sheen.  A happy accident but aren’t those glorious?  Maggie and Danielle spent hours sculpting melted wax over the chandelier and candle pedestals to adorn the main table design.  Sullivan Owen, the floral designer delivered these creations with a sophisticated use of color.  Magenta Anemones, Fuchsia Garden Roses and my favorite Chocolate Cosmos balanced a potentially over the top in the wrong way color palette, making it all so very right.

Whenever I get to spatter paint, I take my opportunity.  Spritzing paint onto paper from a loaded brush of color is where it’s at.  Try it, seriously.  The envelope liner and place cards received this freeing paint treatment in tones of gold and very dark eggplant inks.  Bold sweeps of color on the fantasy blooms and swirls played nicely with the  otherwise cheeky spike design seen here and there.

The bride drenched in late day sun-glow.  My favorite shot.

Cheers to this group of ladies who brought me in to their stellar inspiration project and a special shout to Jillian McGrath for each and every shot.  Enjoy and seriously go spatter some paint, you will feel better for it!

Film – Birdhouse Productions  ::  Florals – Sullivan Owen  ::  Hair and Makeup – Danelle Cook of Studio D Salon  ::   Photography –  Jillian McGrath Photography  ::   Production Assistance –  Danielle Pasternak  ::  Tablescape & Vintage Rentals  – Maggpie Vintage Rentals