Artful Admirations – Rebekah Maysles

It is always terribly exciting when the Anthropologie catalog arrives, although a stretch to call this publication a catalog…the word seems to impersonal and cold.  While flipping through for the first of many times, my eye stopped cold on a page.  First the washy yet vibrant color caught my eye.

I scanned the page to discover the artist.  Rebekah Maysles. I was in love.  Rebekah’s watercolor prints adorn everything from journals to bed linens on the Anthropologie site but that makes them no less fine art in my book.  Her eye for color mixes with a distinctly urban vibe for a look that is spirited and, well….hopeful.  From the whimsical and lofty city-scapes to the lush floral compositions filled with haunting portraits, I immediately sense a positive energy that emits pure joy.  I would so want to dream my nights away surrounded by her art, wouldn’t you?