Sponsored Post – Fifty Flowers.com

Last year around this time I was amidst a flurry of plans for our 10 year Renewal.  Flowers were a big question mark especially since my Mom was excited to create arrangements for us.  We literally had no idea where to begin.  I began researching wholesale sources for wedding flowers and stumbled upon FiftyFlowers.com several times.  After a few phone calls and a ton of time choosing blooms we placed our order and the rest is history.  I simply cannot say enough good about this company.  My firsthand experience with their blooms and more importantly their impeccable customer service was nothing short of stellar.  I am beyond thrilled to welcome them as a sponsor of RiceInk.

Here is a look at some of the gorgeous blooms we ordered from FiftyFlowers.com.  If you are seriously considering designing your own blooms for the big day, FiftyFlowers.com is the place to go!  So now for a close-up look at the impeccable blooms we used for our Renewal celebration!

Coral spray roses, love!!  Such a good value….

The staff at Fifty Flowers walked me through the best and most affordable alternative to Peonies…the Piaget rose was the perfect choice and smelled divine!

Lovely Scabiosa!


…and Sweet Chocolate Cosmos!!