My Best Friend's Wedding – A Carnaval de Nice Inspired Wedding Shower

One of the most poignant memories I have with my best friend Amy is captured in a simple snapshot of us, barely 18 years old posing all wide eyed in front of Notre Dame de Paris.  A last hoorah type of high school trip to France brought us together for 9 days in the city of love where we ate, had our first sips of wine together, fought like mad and shopped our hearts out.  Although throwing two young girls together, far away from home for over a week proved to let emotions run high and cause a quarrel or two, I still remember this trip fondly with a wonderful woman I now call my very best friend.

Amy and Kristy circa 1995

Every invite I create or celebration I craft must have meaning.  Emotions conjure memories and memories stir emotions; a perfect circle of  ingredients, as far as I’m concerned for any event.  When beginning the planning for My Best Friend’s Wedding shower I researched Parisian Carnivals and stumbled upon some gorgeous vintage posters of Carnaval de Nice, a yearly celebration near the French Riviera dating back to the late 1800’s.  The Carnaval boasts week long celebrations in the form of live entertainment, 24 hour parades and the famous Parade of Flowers!


So, there you have it, a palette of coastal hues, inspired by our infamous trip to Paris…I can hardly wait to see how it all unfolds.  Amy reads my blog so I will refrain from giving too much away but soon Amanda Brooke will capture every moment.  It is coming faster than I can imagine!

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