Press – Havana Nights Editorial on Domaine Home and Style Me Pretty

Last year I was asked to be a part of this Havana Nights editorial with a dream team of creatives – and when I say dream team, I mean only that many of us had worked together before and just gelled.

Held at The Lombardi House in  Los Angeles, California every moment was choc full of color and fun.  Slightly throwback but all with a modern hand, every flower, artwork detail and decor decision was driven by a Cuban aesthetic reminiscent of Mid Century glamour living.

We contributed a full suite of stationery to include a cigar box invitation, hand trimmed leaf place cards, maple wood menus, hand painted wooden placemat tiles and a 9 foot tall watercolor backdrop.

My Birds and Blooms brought a softeness and whimsy to the air with every leaf, bug and bird painted.

{Kurt Vonnegut said “Anything can make me stop and wonder…” And shouldn’t we be immersed in those moments that make us stop, wonder and want to make something happen?}

That’s what we did here friends, we made something happen, some of us on location, some weeks ahead from states away but just the same, we gathered our collective creative skills to distill a few breathless moments of a colorful life.

{Just a bit obsessed with the floral pieces seen here from Flowerwild.  Caramel orchids, Lilies, David Austin Roses and Gladiolus, what an unexpected combination.}

{The Mrs. Box with Trumpet and Horn baubles inside is marriage of color, texture and sparkle made in heaven.}

{Ahhh the birds!!}

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The cigar box was lined with a heavily woven damask textile. Each lid featured the same textile and a painted panel of the Birds and Blooms pattern.
Painted and then hand cut, these leaves embellished on nature with help of Designsgirl calligraphy.
Cakes inspired by the placemat tiles on wood, painted for each guest.
The bar sign was a painterly mess of a moment that came together finally reminding us all of a fresoced wall in Havana.
Maple veneer and abstract brushstrokes of green for this menu.
The backdrop makes an appearance.


The Team

  • Dinnerware
  • The Ark