A Peek into the Studio – Bright Floral Bridal Shower Stationery

Hot weather this week has us in in the mood for something summery, and these bold, Bright Floral Bridal Shower Stationery pieces fit the bill!

They are perfect for a beach side event, or any colorful cocktail party.

If you are looking for something with lots of color, this suite is for you…we love the pinks, greens, and royal blues… not to mention watercolor blooms,  fruits, palm fronds, fun drinks, and tile accents.

The suite even included pieces for a bachelorette party in additional to the shower, with a little Mexican flair.

Extra special touches include a hand-cut pineapple tag, and a specially made die-cut palm leaf menu, fully hand painted in green watercolor. Wow!

Definitely puts you in the mood for a celebration!